from 2010

For 4-skin

Walking down S. Ellis Avenue, a few days into my stay at the University of Chicago, I notice a man standing with a few pamphlets in hand and a sign that reads “Foreskin is NOT a birth defect.” I think to myself “Of course! Why does he have to stand in the sun with a sign, just to say that?”

Welcome to Chinatown

That is what the English translation of the Chinese sign said. The exploration of a huge city like Chicago must begin someplace. So, on an unexpectedly cold Saturday morning in September, Aniket, Federico, Jen and I landed in Chicago’s own corner for the Chinese community, Chinatown.


The band Kailasa played at IIT Kharagpur’s Spring Fest 2010. The show was amazing. Here are some photos from the show using Ved’s Canon SX10 IS.

Dance like a Man

Photographs from a performance of Dance like a Man starring Suchitra Pillai, Joy Sengupta, Vijay Crishna and Lillete Dubey at IIT Kharagpur’s Spring Fest 2010.


Photos from WTMS performance in 2009, at IIT Kharagpur.