from 2011

Architecture in Grey

Lately I have been liking pictures of architecture in Black and White. Here are some from Urbana and Chicago… Strangely you can easily identify which ones are from Chicago!

Abstraction in Architecture and Self

Abstract art never ceases to confuse and intrigue me. Its entirely subjective nature is often mistaken for simplicity, irrelevance and sometimes for non-art! But, in my experience, using simple lines or colours to create a visual composition is great training for the photographer’s eye.

Nature and City

More photos from around Chicago and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Occupy Chicago

On Saturday, 16th October 2011, hundreds of people gathered in front of the Chicago Board of Trade Building, at Jackson and LaSalle, as a part of the Occupy Chicago movement. They demanded more attention and care for the poor and less pandering to the rich. They demanded more taxation on Wall Street, end to war, check on government and corporate funding.

Fireworks 04 July 2011

4th of July fireworks at Navy Pier, Chicago, Il, USA. These are with my new camera Panasonic GF2, with a 14–42 mm lens. Handheld, no tripod!

Winter in Chicago

Photos from a beautiful Chicago winter.