For 4-skin

Walking down S. Ellis Avenue, a few days into my stay at the University of Chicago, I notice a man standing with a few pamphlets in hand and a sign that reads "Foreskin is NOT a birth defect." I think to myself "Of course! Why does he have to stand in the sun with a sign, just to say that?"

So the next day, when I find him standing a the same spot again, I go and talk to him about it. It turns out that most people in the US, think that circumcision is a cure for a lot of medical problems. And Dan Strandjord has been protesting against circumcision of infants, standing with his sign at the same place for 6 years now!

Dan considers infant circumcision to be a human rights issue and explains the common myths prevalent in American society regarding circumcision. Even though female circumcision was declared illegal in the US by federal law in 1996, new born boys are still circumcised under dubious medical pretenses.

Few people ever come up and talk to him about it, and most who do either agree with him or are foreigners, like me, who do not understand why this might be such a big issue.

Know more about Dan and the issue of circumcision; talk to him if you are around UChicago, or watch following videos from YouTube.

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