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Walk to Work

Walking through a snow-clad city feels like being in a live version of one of those classic black and white photographs. So here are a few from my walk to work over the last week.


Sketch of Richard Feynman from an old abandoned project.

C’est la vie

A painting in water colours.

Facets & Visions

A collection of abstract photographs.

Winter Sun

A diptych painted with acrylic on a maple board.

Syrenka in Water

Water colour painting of Warsaw’s guardian Mermaid.


Typographic rendition of Invictus by William Ernest Henley

Interaction of Light & Matter

Photos from the final presentations of projects in the Interaction of Light & Matter course at UChicago in Fall 2012.


Haiku on moments of inspiration and discovery.

Colour & Form

Set of abstract photos depicting colour and form in photography.

Endless Dream

haiku and traditional mixed media art inspired by Sandman

Brief Conversations

Series of photos of an interaction at a road-side shop in Kolkata, India

or should I?

I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes. or should I?

I hate it here

“Hi. I’m Spider Jerusalem. I smoke. I take drugs. I drink. I wash every six weeks.”


And I wake up… But it is still dark; terrible nightmare! I can’t see a thing. Surely it must be daylight by now; and about 8am. I can hear the roar of cars zooming by outside the window, and the impatient drivers honking mercilessly, and the continuous drone of the ‘El’ as it schleps about on the tracks, and a jack hammer pounding into concrete somewhere close, and Mrs. Bernstein yelling at Mr. Bernstein, and Mr. Bernstein bawling back, and Baby Bernstein wailing her lungs out, and Mutt Bernstein barking, and a tap, dripping, and dripping, and dripping, and…

Edward Elric

Some old drawings (from Jan 2009) of Edward Elric from the manga/anime Fullmetal Alchemist.

Friendly Portraits

I generally carry my camera around with me. Much to their surprise (and sometimes annoyance), I take pictures of people I hang-out with.

Luftwerk and the Bean

Cloud Gate, fondly called the Bean, is a brilliant public sculpture by Anish Kapoor standing in Millenium Park, Chicago. Last week it was home to Luminous Field, a light and sound show installation by Luftwerk. It was a great show marred only by the huge crowd that showed up and very cleverly decided to stand on the projected lights to ruin the visual experience.

Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani

Mahabaleshwar is a small city located in the Western Ghats or Sahyadri range in the Western part of India. Being nested in the Sahyadri mountains, it is a popular destination for people escaping the summer heat and at one time served as the summer capital for the Bombay Province during the British rule in India.

Architecture in Grey

Lately I have been liking pictures of architecture in Black and White. Here are some from Urbana and Chicago… Strangely you can easily identify which ones are from Chicago!

Abstraction in Architecture and Self

Abstract art never ceases to confuse and intrigue me. Its entirely subjective nature is often mistaken for simplicity, irrelevance and sometimes for non-art! But, in my experience, using simple lines or colours to create a visual composition is great training for the photographer’s eye.

Nature and City

More photos from around Chicago and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Occupy Chicago

On Saturday, 16th October 2011, hundreds of people gathered in front of the Chicago Board of Trade Building, at Jackson and LaSalle, as a part of the Occupy Chicago movement. They demanded more attention and care for the poor and less pandering to the rich. They demanded more taxation on Wall Street, end to war, check on government and corporate funding.

Fireworks 04 July 2011

4th of July fireworks at Navy Pier, Chicago, Il, USA. These are with my new camera Panasonic GF2, with a 14–42 mm lens. Handheld, no tripod!

Winter in Chicago

Photos from a beautiful Chicago winter.

For 4-skin

Walking down S. Ellis Avenue, a few days into my stay at the University of Chicago, I notice a man standing with a few pamphlets in hand and a sign that reads “Foreskin is NOT a birth defect.” I think to myself “Of course! Why does he have to stand in the sun with a sign, just to say that?”

Welcome to Chinatown

That is what the English translation of the Chinese sign said. The exploration of a huge city like Chicago must begin someplace. So, on an unexpectedly cold Saturday morning in September, Aniket, Federico, Jen and I landed in Chicago’s own corner for the Chinese community, Chinatown.


The band Kailasa played at IIT Kharagpur’s Spring Fest 2010. The show was amazing. Here are some photos from the show using Ved’s Canon SX10 IS.

Dance like a Man

Photographs from a performance of Dance like a Man starring Suchitra Pillai, Joy Sengupta, Vijay Crishna and Lillete Dubey at IIT Kharagpur’s Spring Fest 2010.


Photos from WTMS performance in 2009, at IIT Kharagpur.

Streets of India

A collection of street photography done mainly in Kharagpur and Kolkata, India.