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The Science in Science Fiction

Since the release of Interstellar, I have been asked repeatedly what I think of the science in the movie (I study black holes you see). So I decided to write a short-ish rant about the science in sci-fi.


An attempt at a six-word story


And I wake up… But it is still dark; terrible nightmare! I can’t see a thing. Surely it must be daylight by now; and about 8am. I can hear the roar of cars zooming by outside the window, and the impatient drivers honking mercilessly, and the continuous drone of the ‘El’ as it schleps about on the tracks, and a jack hammer pounding into concrete somewhere close, and Mrs. Bernstein yelling at Mr. Bernstein, and Mr. Bernstein bawling back, and Baby Bernstein wailing her lungs out, and Mutt Bernstein barking, and a tap, dripping, and dripping, and dripping, and…

For myself

I stand there silently, eyeing the path that I am to take with suspicion. The road ahead is dark. Silent. Unseen. A chill runs down my spine. I take my steps forward. A rush of cold wind hits me. The cold breath of the forest. I wince but move on…

Nothing left but dust

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Great War Memorial Building.” The chatter of human voices dies down. Their echoes take a while though. “We have gathered here today to celebrate the first anniversary of the victory of our beloved nation in the Great War.” I continue. Applause!