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Placeholder Images

The size of my images changes fluidly with my responsive layout. Since the browser does not know their heights a priori, the space collapses while the images are still loading. Once the images load the entire page reflows and the rest of the content jumps around to make space for them. It would be much better if the space for the images was reserved from the start and, as a bonus, if some lower resolution version of the images displayed, while the images load. Here is how I do it.


I write margin notes while reading books. They help me keep my thoughts on record and within context. But how do I do that on a website or an ebook?

Concurrence as in Cooperation

Few days ago Joschi Khupal wrote “Indie” as in “individuality” criticising the indiewebcamp for fostering concurrent opinions/approaches, among other things. I really do not understand this objection, and here’s why…

The Indieweb

It’s been about a year since I ditched Blogger and made a move to my own site. Somewhere between all the python programming and CSS designing (and the physics on the side!), I was introduced to the IndieWeb. And I was hooked…

First Note

This is the first note on this site.

The Blogging Dead

Reliable sources have finally confirmed that the blog is dead. So let’s look back and pay respect to the memory of Blogging.