from Sep, 2013

Kartik Prabhu
To everyone who is complaining about Popular Science shutting down comments, #popularscience is in no way silencing discussion on science. Discussion on science has existed long before commenting systems became a thing. You have this wonderful thing called the #web right at your fingertips. If you have an opinion on any science, write about it on your blog, your Facebook, your Google+ and share with your friends, moms, and enemies, discuss and debate it till your eyes bleed. Why is there this expectation that every website should be a forum? No website has any obligation to provide a space for your rants. Use your own space on the web to do that. 1. Managing trolls by blocking is not a solution. Isn’t that just selective censorship? 2. Implementing a third-party commenting is completely asinine. If you are using a third-party like Google+ to comment, just do it on Google+ and link/hashtag it or something. Why do you want it under the original page? 3, People are more careful about what they write if they do it under their own name. So use the wonderful web, discuss and write about things, as yourself.