Interaction of Light & Matter

Photos from the final presentations of projects in the Interaction of Light & Matter course at UChicago in Fall 2012. Sidney Nagel and James Carpenter organised this collaborative art-science course at the University of Chicago this quarter. The course brought together students from the arts and sciences and challenged them to think about low-level light. The brief was to use their knowledge in their respective fields to end up with a final artistic exploration of the nature of low-level light.

I took photos at the final presentations. All the projects were quite interesting and innovative; and to my surprise very different from each other. Unfortunately I did not have my camera duringe one demonstration; and the project I participated in was demonstrated in utter darkness and so could not be photographed!

— Chet, Corinna, Marco, Nicole
— Jen, Julian, Maymay
— Andrzej, Annette
— Claire, Gwen, Hannah
— Eran, Leela
A couple of these photos were used in the article Twilight Zone by Lydialyle Gibson in The University of Chicago Magazine.
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